Wildscreen 2012

Nominee for: “Panasonic Cinematography Award”
Nominee for: “Series Award”

It looks like a mosaic of water and woodland – FINLAND, the most eastern part of Scandinavia. Close to the Russian border, Finland still is home to rare animals: Brown bears and wolves roam the swampland, the Siberian Flying Squirrel lives in old woodpecker nest holes.

This film shows animal behaviour that has never been filmed before: Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg got the first ever made shots of a wild lynx in the finish wilderness, they did highspeed shots of Goldeneye chicks jumping out of their tree nest, they filmed exciting encounters of bears and wolves.  The documentary was shot with more than 650 shooting days.

“Wild Scandinavia – Finland” gives us numerous insights of the fascinating life of wild forest reindeers, saimaa seals, flying squirrels, brown bears, wolves, wolverines, lynx, red-throated divers, black woodpeckers, goldeneye ducks, ospreys, capercaillies and shows the whole beauty of the aurora borealis – the magical northern lights.